Although many companies pulled off relatively seamless transitions to operating fully remote, we are now discovering unforeseen consequences of the sudden switch.

The pandemic introduced additional complexity to the equation: typically, even in a natural-born fully remote company, employees aren’t caring for schooling kids while on the job, they’re not prohibited from seeing friends, working from a coffee shop, or going to the gym.

When home becomes the workplace, many are the unexpected effects, positive and negative, on employees’ mental health, creativity, recruitment, salaries, office culture, cybersecurity, access to opportunities, carbon footprint, and the overall employee experience.

For many companies…

Europe’s tech center is now home to over 128.000 companies. The last decade has seen unprecedented growth in funding, jobs, and valuations. So why exactly are startups and established giants coming to Europe?

  • The US Is still where most deals happen for startups but that might change as Europe’s tech center gains momentum.
  • The European startup ecosystem has seen an unprecedented inflow of capital in the past years. Cash and talent are now more widely available than ever before.
  • Portugal, in particular, is regarded as a case study in developing startups from an early stage but also in attracting large…

Portugal is one of the best countries in the world for expats due to safety, friendliness, English proficiency, and great weather. This is why entrepreneurs are relocating to Portugal.

Portugal consistently ranks amongst the best places to live for expats

  • Great quality of life on a budget is why most entrepreneurs relocate to Portugal, but political and economic factors are gaining importance
  • Key cities in Portugal, such as Porto and Lisbon, have long attracted foreign entrepreneurs and expats communities
  • The Portuguese government fully supports innovation and foreign investment and has introduced several Visa options that cater to a wide range…

Europe’s fragmented startup scene has long existed in the shadow of Silicon Valley and Asia, which for years have gone unchallenged as the world’s leading startup ecosystems. This is why founders, investors and legislators are looking forward to joining forces and creating a unified European ecosystem.

The past decade has witnessed a new wave of innovative startups in the Middle East. Expanding to Europe, the world’s largest economy, could bring them and our ecosystem unprecedented growth.

During 2019, the value of funding deals for starts-ups has reached new heights in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, totaling 704 million U.S. dollars, from $410 million in 2017

  • The EU, being the world’s largest economy, is an obvious target for ambitious startups looking for new ways to expand their operations
  • Portugal is culturally and historically bound to the region in ways few other countries are and…

A thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem together with constant promotion of technological development and innovation are just some of the reasons why Portugal has been distinguished by international institutions in the past few years. Lisbon, its capital, stands out at a European level for being home to a vibrant startup community. Many are the traits that Lisbon shares with San Francisco — from the cable cars and the suspension bridge to being home to disruptive tech companies. Some say Lisbon is set to become the European Silicon Valley, but do we really need another one?

Ponte 25 de Abril in Lisbon
Ponte 25 de Abril in Lisbon

City’s local governments around the world have…

A young ecosystem, a vibrant tech community, an amazing lifestyle, and a world-class talent: these are the key factors attracting foreign companies to Portugal. Many are the players promoting our country as the perfect tech destination; a major one is AICEP, an independent public entity of the Government of Portugal, with the goal of attracting foreign investment to Portugal and supporting the internationalization of Portuguese companies into the global economy.

We spoke with AICEP Director in San Francisco, Teresa Fernandes, and asked her about AICEP’s upcoming initiatives.

BRIDGE IN — According to Atomico’s 2019 and 2020 reports “State of European…

No matter what expansion strategy you put into place, BRIDGE IN can help you register a company in Portugal, or simply hire skilled talent through its Employer of Record services.

Setting up a business in Portugal means you will have a strategic geographical position: while allowing you to enter the European single market, Portugal is also the natural gateway between EU and other major world markets in North and South America. For historical reasons, Portugal also holds strong ties with the largest African markets as well as with many Asian countries.

Companies such as Cloudflare, Salsify, Uber and Dashlane have…

Wendy van Leeuwen, Co-Founder of Secret City Trails, tells us why she picked Lisbon to build her tourism startup.

BRIDGE IN — Let’s start from the beginning: tell me a little bit about your background, where have you been, what companies have you worked for and what did you learn that made you realize you were ready to start your own project.

Wendy — I did part of my Bachelor's in Madrid and at a certain point I thought “I love Southern Europe! Where can I do my MSc?”. Since Lisbon is nearby I literally came here for 24 hours…

Everything began on a hopeful note — as all new years do. Very soon, however, it transformed into the year that introduced a “new normal” to the world and gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “unprecedented times”. A lot of bizarre things have already happened in 2020:

  • The first prize goes to the coronavirus pandemic
  • Australia’s devastating bushfires
  • Death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash
  • The massive explosion in Beirut
  • American rapper Kanye West announced his presidential bid
  • The shocking killing of George Floyd
  • Prince Harry and Meghan stepped down as senior royals and moved…


BRIDGE IN helps companies set-up their tech hub and hire talent in Portugal. We are the OS for distributed teams.

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